Purple Floyd

Today let’s take a look at Sharrif Floyd, the defensive tackle the Vikings drafted with the 23rd pick that many football experts considered to be a steal. Instead of just going through a mind-numbing list of his attributes and history, I’ve matched facts about “Purple Floyd” to different Pink Floyd songs to give an accurate description of this future star.

“Time”: As in Floyd’s 40 yard dash time. For a man who weighs 297 pounds, Floyd ran it in an outstanding 4.92 seconds. 300-pound humans just aren’t supposed to be this fast. And his foot speed and ability to change direction have been described as “jaw dropping”. It’s safe to say speed will not be an issue for the young man.

“Another Brick in the Wall”: For at least this season, Floyd will play on a defensive line with All-Pros Kevin Williams and Jared Allen, along with solid players such as Everson Griffen and Brian Robison. If the Vikings can keep a few of these guys around for another year or two (all are free agents after the season), then the Vikes will be well on their way to forming a “Wall” of their own. But instead of an emotional wall designed to keep anyone from getting close to the real Roger Waters, this wall will be designed to stop Matt Forte in his tracks, flatten Reggie Bush in the backfield, and sack Aaron Rodgers into oblivion. Man I hope this happens.

“Money”: Because Floyd was a first round draft choice, that means he will be forced to sign a five year contract, locking him up well into his prime. And because he was picked later in the round, that means his contract will be very team-friendly. Getting a potential star for five years at a reasonable price? Yeah, that’s how great teams are built. I love it.

“High Hopes”: Some draft experts not only had Floyd as the top defensive lineman, they had him as a top 5, top 3, and even a top 2 player overall. Such highly rated lineman usually do well in the NFL and there is every reason to believe Floyd will live up to the hype. There are idiotic stories of him having “short arms” but the real reason he fell in the draft was the combination of an early run on offensive lineman and teams ahead of the Vikings just not having a great need for a defensive tackle. The sky is the limit for Purple Floyd.

“Is There Anybody Out There?”: As in, who the hell will Floyd play with next year? Almost every current Viking d-lineman is a free agent after the season, and given the advanced age of Kevin Williams (33) and the insane salary of Jared Allen ($17 million), the chances of either of them retuning, much less both of them, seems slim. I for one would love to see Jared Allen get another 3 or 4 year deal, provided the money is right, which could prove to be a pipe dream. And as much as I would love to have Kevin Williams for another two seasons, Floyd is projected to play the same position as Williams, so unless one of them moves to nose tackle permanently, this is also unlikely to happen. But if the Vikings are in the playoff mix this season, both of these veteran lineman may decide that playing for a contender is worth taking less money. Let’s hope so.

“Run Like Hell”: This one is for Jay Cutler, Matthew Stafford, and Aaron Rodgers. Get ready losers, Sharrif Floyd will be blasting through the weak interior of your offensive lines and will become a constant scene in the window of your face mask. At least that’s what we Vikes fans have to believe at this point. And if Floyd does get into the backfield on a consistent basis, he will become a stud IDP for all you fantasy football fanatics out there. Did I mention that I hope this all happens?

“Have a Cigar”: To Vikings’ GM Rick Spielman, who selected an outstanding draft class last season and appears to have done it again this year. Of course the proof will be in the purple pudding (gross), but as of now all indications are that the team added three immediate starters that all have high ceilings. Hopefully the later picks which came in the form of a left-footed punter and linebackers will also prove to be astute. Keep it up Rick. I dig your spiel, man.

Just like Pink Floyd, Purple Floyd will cause sold-out stadiums of fans to scream and cheer, but unlike Pink Floyd, Purple Floyd’s best hits are yet to come.


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